Nothing is left untouched from the gas pedal to the headliner.

With the countless hours we spend every day in our vehicles; it makes sense to take the time to make sure your interior look, smells, and feels clean and new. Here at Michaels Expert Auto Detail, we do just that, when we do a Full Interior we make sure nothing is left untouched from the gas pedal to the headliner.

Feel good about a clean, detailed car interior!

In your car, life happens.  We know that your vehicle is more than a way back and forth.  It’s the take the kids to school shuttle.  It’s the ride that gets you home for the holidays. For some, it’s a karaoke machine, a conference room, or a place to eat lunch.  Our interior auto detail is the perfect detailing solution for you. Our goal with our service is to provide you with a complete inside car cleaning.

Interior Auto Detail

Level II

$17500Starting at
  • Compress Air is used to blow debris out from tight spots between and under the seats and other hard to reach areas.
  • Thorough Vacuuming of the Carpet and Upholstery
  • Carpet & Upholstery Shampooed and Steam Cleaned – Carpet & Upholstery fully dried prior to pick up
  • Floor Mats Shampooed
  • Leather & Vinyl Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Hard surfaces such as the dash and door panels cleaned and protected with a UV protectant
  • Interior Windows Cleaned
  • Door Jambs Wiped Down
  • Complimentary Exterior Hand Wash

It’s all about the details!


NOBODY, is more meticulous to detail, than Michaels Expert Auto Detail