We Offer Add On Services


With the countless hours we spend every day in our vehicles; it makes sense to take the time to make sure your interior look, smells, and feels clean and new. Here at Michael’s Expert Auto Detail, we do just that, when we do a Full Interior we make sure nothing is left untouched from the gas pedal to the headliner.

Add On Services Available

Smokers Interior Cleaning

Eliminate pungent odor

When you smoke in a vehicle, throughout the life of the cigarette, you are slowly coating your interior with the tar and the pungent odor. Both of these get into every crevice, vents, seat cushions as well as your carpet and headliner padding. Even though we steam, shampoo, deodorizer and sanitize your interior through this process, there may be a residual odor remaining that lies in the pudding, cushion, as well as your cabin filter.

Sand and Pet Hair Removal

Proud dog owner

Chances are, if you’re a proud dog owner, you’ve at some point faced the seemingly impossible task of removing hair from your car’s seats and carpets. The same goes for times after a great day at the beach when your removing all the wet sandy items, you face the sand that continuously pops u as you vacuum and sinks back into the nap of the carpet. We take the time to ensure the complete removal of Pet Hair and Sand with a mixture of tools such as air guns, vacuums, pumice stones, specialized tape, and sometimes even tweezers. All of these items are effective, yet very time consuming.

Leather Rejuvenation


Your vehicle spends the majority of its life outside, under the oppressing sun as well as the blistering cold. Both of these combined with years of improper cleaning can slowly dry out your leather seats, which can make them brittle and prone to tearing. With our Leather Rejuvenation, we apply an oil specifically designed to soak into the leather to both re-moisturize as it gives it a deep cleaning. After we allow the leather oil to saturate your leather we use a leather cleaner that removes the excess oil as well as the dirt and grime that has been pushed up by the oil. We finish up with a leather conditioner that locks in the work while giving your leather the proper protection it needs.

Headlight Restoration

See clear again

Return your car, truck or SUV to its original condition with the help of our Headlight Restoration. It is designed to repair lenses that are losing clear visibility. Using this car headlight restoration kit will increase the illumination capacity of fogged, yellowed, cloudy, hazy or dull looking parts by improving their performance. It will not only enhance the appearance of the vehicle, but it will also increase road clarity for added safety.

Ceramic Coating

Never Wax Again

Wax is dead. Nano Ceramic Coating is the next generation in paint protection systems. Experience this new technology that’s designed to form a crystal layer that will make conventional car waxes and sealants obsolete. Its high strength and condensed nanoparticles with superior cross-linking abilities create a durable and super high gloss finish.

Paint Correction

No More Swirl Marks

Are you tired of seeing the swirls and light scratches on your car paint? Is your paint brand new but not looking as crisp or clear as it should be? Originally designed for some of the world’s toughest Concours d’Elegance events, Paint Correction is a labor-intensive process utilizing the finest refinishing tools and nanotechnology abrasives to remove surface defects, swirl marks, scratches, and water etching.

Seat Removal

Get between seats

There are times when an air hose, and vacuum are not enough to thoroughly get between seats, and in tough to reach areas. Included in this service is completely seat removal to completely clean all of your vehicle’s carpeting, and upholstery or leather. This service is great for those spills down the side between the center console and front seats. This service may be especially necessary during some instances of human/animal bodily fluids are released inside the vehicle.

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